Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally, what the combination smartphone that I have been talking about

Motorola finally figured out that they should give Android some love.

Android needs a phone maker that has design expertise and the ability to produce a sleek phone while incorporating the O.S.

Check it out

anyway, the iPhone is still hands down the best... i already believe that Apple has a successor to the iPhone 3GS... if you studied their product roadmaps regarding the iPods, you will notice just enough 'new' features and enhancements at either the same or slightly lower price points... Apple probably already has a 'super' smartphone - but why release it when the competition is still catching up to the original iPhone 3G or even in some cases the original iPhone.

But as long as AT&T is in the mix... i refuse to jump ship. i mean common, $30 data plan?

By the way... it looks like DUG will have difficulty as long as the $U.S. keeps sinking. thus, i do believe that FXP, SKF is a better. The unemployment mixed with inflation... big time trouble awaits. the crash may not be as quick as the Fall 2008, but it will be pretty close... and likely BIGGER...