Monday, July 19, 2010

Another PLAY... VZ WILL GET THE iPhone...

Looking at 2012 LEAPS calls 40@.17. Yes, cheap to be sure... thus low risk, but high potential for return.

Apple is only held back in the U.S. by AT&T. Once the exclusive is removed, like every other country, RIMM will be first to go down... Android will be the only viable platform. Non-smartphones will be the battleground that Nokia will continue to own with Samsung being around.

I do not plan to get in until after this Holiday season. We shall see how far this market sinks this fall.

I figured i'd blog something... but direct buying of AAPL options will only be bought if VZ is confirmed, otherwise VZ calls will be the speculative buy...LATER...

Miami's big 3... may have to battle getting out of the East. Celtics have one more year, Orlando still has Dwight (this was the team Lebron should have targeted ala Shaq/Kobe, Kareem/Magic), anyway Chicago also looks scary: they finally brought in a shooter and another rebounder in Boozer.

In the end, no doubt they "3-me's" will get their title(s). But now they will have a target on them EVEN LARGER than the Lakers.

The irony of all this is that things actually got easier for the Lakers with bunch of stars moving East. The West still has Dallas, Portland, Denver, and OKC... But the days of handing Lebron the MVP because of stats are OVER. Wade may never get one now. It's Kobe, Durant, or some PG.