Monday, November 15, 2010

Hopefully you bought those options i suggested.

Anyway, i will be honest... i am just trying to pay down all my debt... but another play that has come to my attention all based on the hypothesis that the iPhone will end it's exclusivity with AT&T...

AT&T(T) option puts... 2012...

3 things going for this trade:
1. VZ is a matter of when not if...
2. Apple will not allow Androids to dominate the U.S.
3. Even if AT&T does ok after the iPhone leaves... you still have the overall market that can spiral downward...

Anyway, if i free up some $... that's what i will do.

If you got in on my last post your .17 is now worth >.53 or >.80... i didn't tag which LEAP i would have played.

oh and yes VZ leaps are still good, but once news comes out of the actual iPhone on their network, then taper off and go with T puts instead.

It's your money not mine... so don't blame me if it doesn't work. I do have lawyers.


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