Friday, August 31, 2007

no way itʻll happen

MSFT buying RIMM? Is RIMM nuts? Donʻt they realize itʻs just them versus AAPL in smartphones? I know Nokia has their rip-off. Prada phone is too snobby. I digress, i think this is one of those things where someone is basically stirring action in RIMM. MSFT would absolutely make RIMM a shell of itself. MSFT is ONLY good at Windows lincensing and maybe Office software.

On the bright side
RIMM: is up nice:
.RULAC Jan113.37call is up... whew. for now. (risked $1020)
my hope is a run-up (a 2 wks prior to earnings Sep27, with a blowout session)
plan is to keep the stop limit loose for now until day b4 earnings.

jan10put yawn... patience... (risk $200+10)

DLQUE Sept25put wasnʻt a good idea. not enuf action to move like that.(risk $60+10)
DLQMX Jan22.5 still quite possible. (risk $100+10)

got a tip from a friend: JRJC a chinese online finance.
china is hot. (not as much as spring ʻ06)

i must finish my Taxes.

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