Thursday, December 11, 2008

Messed Up again... late DXO... likely sell tomorrow and hold a few for a long hedge.

Well, i finally get a chance to catch up on what my trader gauge in the form of iBC, TIM, MAC


But what can i do, I had more important things to tend to...

So, my DXO position according to the 'Gauge' is likely messed up... And my position if FAZ will only make up for loses in DXO. At least my lame FXP call will likely come to life once more...

OH, and dont forget to check out UUP, UDN, come to think of it I was looking at FXE (Euro) awhile back, and that would have been a better position than DXO.

Bear days are here again... but we shall see how things end in 2008. Any Auto Bail out settlement will bring the bulls back out to play (which i want to years end... then we can smack the market in 2009)

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