Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Watchlist Ideas FROM OTHERS

TIM: Watch the Euro
- my watch on it FXE is about 52 wk low. All time low 118.
- He has also done well with DIG stock/calls

MAC: AXYS... reverse head and shoulders

FLY: short mostly China (i whole-heartedly agree, see my previous Asian soccer post) long a few 'things', look out for energy to get higher

GIO: watch the VIX... be alert to another bear day

I do like all these suggestions. I especially cant wait to cash out my dividend tomorrow and wait for another huge VIX reversal. The long term view of FXE is a possibility. I am looking at next years calls with a strike at the high of 160.

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Gio said...

I'm looking for Thursdays close for a possible selloff. Otherwise, i think the Vix might actually get into a tighter channel. Hence, I'm almost all cash. Got 1 short... Bank of Hawaii.

Target to short.. Vix <58 , or Vix > 77. Either way, short on unsustainable panic, or on complacency. tough yeah?