Monday, January 12, 2009

FAZ stopped out @ 2 levels

The ending of 2008 pretty much summerizes my inconsistent/undisciplined style. The picks were good. The lack of setting stops and booking profits has been my downfall. The HTX trade was one of the worst trades i have done. I took myself out of trades that involved put buying FXP and then buying up C that would double and again put buying the inverse ETFs at the end of the Turkey rally.

Regarding my worst trade of all time? It was NOT leaving AAPL stock alone(sold it @80 in 2006 and started trading options - lost me more $$$$ than i want to think about.

Even though i missed the high today by about a dollar, I knew the thing would sell hard at days end relative to the 2 hour real time graph:

Stopped on 1st small bunch @47.9 ask... then 1/2 hour later the smaller portfolio @48.5 ask. I kept moving my stop during the day.

Booked my profits as the upcoming Obama rally may be upon us. All the earnings this Q might have well been priced in.

My lone FXP call will not hit unless there is some sort of blue chip bankruptcy. Same goes for RIMM jan 30 put. that was a waste.

I am thinking of switching to half FAZ and FXP. I am tired of options and will contine to devote my puny portfolios into inverse ETFs. The only stock i plan to touch at all is FSLR or any non-china Solar as my Obama trade.

Anyway, tax season is upon us, and i will be one of the many getting a return as one who didnt bank anything except at my real job. And looks like i will have 2009 to carry over my losses. That's my only "silver" lining (actually Solar lining would be better)

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