Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stuck... again...FAZ...

Well, it seems as though i may have a tough time of this with the market rallying on VAPOR. Much like what microsoft used to do in VAPORWARE.

Anyway, my advice to someone recently was if you buy a block of stocks/etf... in my case FAZ, then have an option put or two as insurance...

My FAZ is getting whacked, and yet i still cant see how all these unemployed people can be ignored. Arent these the ones who eventually run out of unemployment benefits? Look i am not hoping that they cant find jobs. Its just the facts are not being put out there... so, why am i surprised right?

Well, FAZ in my mind will be a longer hold than i thought. I was hoping for more of a seesaw movement in the market.

The G20 is almost over and unemployment numbers are upon us. If the market ignores them... this rally does have real staying power for a bear rally. I think oil should have been my hedge... too late... so now i wait... stuck... again

Gotta finish my taxes... i hate paperwork

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