Monday, May 11, 2009

Hurry Up to 1050 will you!!!

S&P continues its upward rally to 1050. Monday again was pull back day/dip buying day. So what else is new?

I just want this market to spike up to 1050 already... being that most of my portfolio sits on the short end.

Alas, my staying to cash prior to FAZ moving from 17-22 in 2 days would have been more prudent, yes? That was some time ago. In fact, I recall Tim of all people talking about this move on the S&P to 1050 before most if not anyone else. I believed him until that dumb FAZ buy... Anyway, my portfolio will continue to haunt me. I have no doubt it will resurrect itself once more.

Some are talking about a 10-20% correction is in the works. Personally, I think maybe a bigger correction, BUT with a huge bear rally of all rallies. And at that time I will commit.... hmm 50%... that would be my diplomatic answer. I have been caught too many times in the wrong direction, and it kills me when I was in the right direction to begin with. HEDGING has never been my strong suit, but in the end, it is a requirement.

See you all @1050 or maybe 1100.

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