Wednesday, May 13, 2009


well, retail numbers were worse than expected... and guess what. The market actually LOGICALLY reacted to the news NOT ignored it.

I was a bit bummed that i didnt pay more attention to TAN. Should have sold it at 10. I end up breaking even... despite this last huge rally. Safe to say I will not use TAN as an energy play again - unless volume get >1.5M... which i have never seen.

I used the proceeds of TAN to get some M puts that expire in 2 days. The market will be tested from here on out and may look for a bottom faster than I anticipated. I was thinking the S&P would get up to 1050. That might not be the case.

Thus, if the market finally decides to head lower according to news and NOT Govt hype, then my portfolio will be resurrected (as I thought it would)

Twitter was down for maintenance today, so there are a bunch of people who are probably lost. I for one only publish if i have an actual trade.


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