Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bought...yesterday & today

ETFC Apr3put@.15 & C Apr20put@.08... hey, i know they probably did hit bottom, but at this point after BSC, who knows.

MAR order thankfully didnt get in at my limit yesterday. but todays earnings sure points to where this stock is going... i will be watching closely. but itʻs heading downward, slowly. i may have to wait til it reports the next time around.

Iʻm trying to get ESLR Apr12.5call@.10. i refuse to pay any more. itʻs slightly up today, but the leader FSLR is not.

Iʻm bummed i didnt buy NOK apr30put. in any case, NOK is being are in denial regarding competition from iPhone(calling it a niche product) and in turn RIMM. the writing is on the wall. RIMM & AAPL will lead the smartphone charge... and no other companies will be able to compete effectively against the shift towards smartphones. sure, NOK has high end really cool stuff, but they are too pricey if u ask me. They may have market share, but who cares if your customer base doesnt grow by selling dumbphones instead of more profitable smartphones. Well, thatʻs my 2 cents, which i wish i placed in some of their puts.

btw, the word may soon get out on the iPod Touch being a trojan iPhone. It is cheaper and has more memory, but if it finds a WIFI to connect, starting June/July we will see VOIP apps.

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