Friday, April 18, 2008


GOOG kicked butt for sure. I for one didnt see an Apr500call within reach... boy was i wrong. and what a waste of $ being thrown at financials... no bad news surprised anyone.

the saving grace is that most of my $ is in V. And any positive news in general has been gathering buyers. once they release their first public earnings, then we may have a nice run - and option call opportunities. Otherwise, looks like iʻll be sitting on the side for some time til the smoke clears.

I am tempted to trade AAPL. but why... anyway, until it breaks 200. i refuse to buy. i will let the chart decide that for me. The company will be fine. my guess is they are benefiting from substantial discounts in flash RAM for their iPods/iPhones. but all i care about is the chart... no more emotional tie ins.

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