Monday, April 14, 2008

Tech... yawn...

So INTC is up next on earnings... problem is the sideways action of the market. the only ones making $ are the brokerages with the overtrading clients and the option sellers/writers.

Anyway, i am only posting this to make sure i still know my password. The real fun begins at the end of the year.

I've lost enough this year... I got a phat return because of losing last year (Same problem: setting stops). Just riding the pine with V.

AAPL reports next week. i think they will beat as expected and have guidance that doesn't surprise anyone. but if they fail to meet... look for a pounding... the warning signs on what Wall Street would do showed up a couple/few days ago when it lost $7+ on nonsense news.

So, life is easy now... one year since i married my honey... what else could be better. $ is worthless when you have no one to share it with...

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