Monday, September 15, 2008

LIKE WE DIDNT SEE THIS COMING.... SEPT 15 Shoulda happen months ago.

LEH files for chp 11. Man i tell you i thought this would happen months ago and my portfolio was in full bear mode. Tim must be a billionaire from 2008 alone... LEH was looking for a BSC-like bail out. nope... And i still wish the govt didnt bail out BSC to begin with... cʻmon, no one bails out the individual investor, so why should tax money bail out these chumps? i would have been sitting pretty at this point instead of having my portfolio sideswiped. Alas, thats the govt for you... But some positives are out there and other stuff...

AAPL (cheap)... It is an awesome day for "smart" bottom fishers...
Anyway, i am looking at this another way... I love AAPL going down. AWESOME... this stock is so undervalued. and yet i am still not touching it. i am looking at April 2009 calls & Jan 2010 LEAPS. If AAPL gets below 140... it is a buy... but a scaled buy. The recent bottom was 120 last fall. So, dont be surprised if it doesnt get there, but i doubt it.

Here is the thing with AAPL. Forget iPods and AppleTV. Its all about MACs and iPhones. MACs are gobbling up marketshare and iPhones are beating up all the smartphones and some regular phones as well. RIMM strategists were ingenious by adding a ʻpearlʻ flip phone. that addresses their losing the smartphone battle ground. So, what you have now are the PALM, MOT, NOK, samsungs, LGs of the world getting whacked by RIMM & AAPL. AND the iPhone App Store is bringing in at least 1 million per day at this time for Apple. As they sell more iPhones, that will only go up. And with Gaming being the center of iPod Touch/iPhone you can see how this will exponentially affect the stock positively.

Go ahead and add FXP to the mix... i foresee the next Prez penalizing China... my only stock is VISN. sure i lost 25% thus far on it, but you know what... they will beat earnings... no doubt. The commercial ads in China are just beginning. Capital corruption will only increase from here in China affecting the kids to young adults of China. The old and experiences will be left behind and their wisdom will be ignored. That is the world we live in today... And it will only get worse.

and dont think OPEC will play nice with oil. they can and will cut production, in hopes of having it hover @$100... the hurricanes have affected Gas in north america, but havent reached here in Hawaii. So, it Ike may just be a blip regarding oil. Hope all the those in the Gulf are coping with the difficulties.

Had to put up this post... cant ignore these seismic shifts... unfortunately (or fortunately) i am just watching, being smart, paying off debt, because you know, the govt is tired of bailing out losers (BSC, FNM, FRE)

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