Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Samsung + SNDK, Oil, AAPL, Longs (Drugs)

So did you see this coming? i doubt it... I had one guy tell me he was looking into getting some SNDK calls weeks ago, he usually buys during the week of expiration. If he did and held, man did he hit a lotto.

If you thought oil was done... other developments continue besides the bad eco affecting oil demand. btw, you would think we would have cheaper plane fares and that airlines should get rid of the stupid baggage fees. Another smack at oil includes the American auto industry as Chevy actually has a nice looking Hybrid coming out in late 2010. It kinda looks like an Acura TL. Japanese and Euro cars are some of the best designed vehicles. Its about time the U.S. copies them and get that dumb pride out of the way so that we can stop driving or sharing the roads with these ugly cars. Anyway, check out the Chevy Volt... Oil may very well be cheap(er), when the American Hybrids reach the mass. Of course, OPEC might have something to say about that.

Well, i happen to have been up this morning, and couldnt sleep. Man AAPL actually touched 130!!! awesome... but as i said i have debt to pay and other pressing matters.

CVS, Wallgreens, Longs Drugs, Etc:
Eventually this thing will settle, but this is where the money flows. Despite Medicare/Medicade, and private insurances cutting back, the drug stores still play the perfect middleman. As long as people are kept alive, these stores profit. Think of it this way, you get in the store to buy your drug(s) and then find you need to buy something else that happens to be there too. Before you know it you have a basket or cart full of stuff you ʻmightʻ need, when you really just needed something for your pills for your joints, heart, lungs, or other part(s) of your body... NICE biz model...

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