Tuesday, October 28, 2008


PRO blogger caught this rally... the ones i followed all saw it coming, some more doubtful than others, but at least positioned for it to happen.

SLOPEOFHOPE.com (using Fibs)
-especially FLY (unsure of his methods)
- and Gio (VIX study/IBD)
Stockbee.blogspot.com (diwali... it's just a day, but he bought Monday.) He uses IBD as one of his tools

honorable mention: Chartswingtrader.com (he didnt buy, but he didnt lose in adding more puts)

i do look at other blogs once in awhile... but these are the tops in performance.

One more thing... GS said that oil would somehow get back to 150 by years end. They said that before the DOW crashed. We may very well see this pan out if a weaker dollar happens from a rate cut and OPEC cuts production again...

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