Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back To Watching

Well, i couldnʻt trade a thing on while i was on my trip. And watched 2 winners go without my participating: FSLR, AMAT. I kinda wish i was still on vacation so i wouldnt be sick looking at another lost opportunity. but the good news is theres alot more opportunities ahead.

Anyway, i am retooling my brain. this market is designed to take money away from you. having accepted that, i am working on my patience. i may very well not trade until April to see if i have any discipline. Then again earnings season is not quite over yet.

the surprise consumer spending will be working against my retail related puts. If Bush does sign that rebate thing, *please*, then that only will spur more irresponsible spending. so, i will see if my stops come into play there. otherwise my portfolio B is a wasteland.

congrats to the Solars buyers. let me know when thereʻs a good short there. but thats a tough as well, maybe just short the stock rather than puts. there isnt much bad news left that will affect solars. they will still kick butt. in essence i think the safe play is PBW.

My new favorite CHDX needs to do a few things before i buy. but its a nice play with the kind of market we are dealing with.

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