Friday, February 22, 2008


Well RIMM was up yesterday... of course the first thing i thought to do was to buy puts. And sure enough i check out a screen and itʻs down with the rest of the street with Eco data fears next week. The company is fine, but the stock is considered anything but a sure thing.

AAPL broke below 120. It is one messed up stock. The company is on fire, mind you, but that doesnt matter to the street. Its all about future expectations. I actually hope it dips below 100. That would be the pretty considerable level for me to jump back in. I think they should drop the whole exclusive deal when they deal with Asia. A smaller piece of the monthly from more carriers will ensure they get some if not all of the padded revenue. I mean, the carriers KNOW what handsets are on their systems and can charge accordingly.

my portfolios since the beginning of the year started have lost 60%. Terrible management. The losses incurred from TWO really bad trades, and a failure to sell the loss quickly, while missing some spot on trades(i happened to be away for one of them). Its sad that i tend to hold on so long to losers. The lesson has indeed been impressed upon me recently on having read a couple books. Sometimes i need to SEE IT IN WRITING.

Most of my portfolio are again in cash... The thing is my portfolios are so weak that i cant even afford some of the cheapest contracts. i am tempted to just pull the whole thing out. Thereʻs a investment broker out there that is offering miles in exchange for a new account. Maybe that is the surest investment for me at this point.

PUTS still in play.... *sigh*


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Gio said...

Hey stuck... You'll bounce back. Just be patient with your entry points. A lot of people are gettimg eaten out there, including many longtime traders, even pros. U should see all the commentary at Real Money... They're all calling each other out. So far, Feb has not been good to longs or shorts... Only day traders. That's why I've been picking on guys like Beannie, who irresponsibly yell their leaders to bet heavy long during a market downtrend. That bozo keeps averaging down like a noob. Its so volatile on both sides, so I can imagine people who always switch positions getting hit.

The market is gonna move hard the ending of feb, whatever we get, I'm gonna re-enter my shorts. I think the market has told me enough... In fact, it seems like it has whispered it.