Friday, February 29, 2008

OUT OF THE LOOP...or Forgetful...

Props to my man Gio. "Surgeon" he says. I am most impressed with his LONG on JRJC. While playing SKF. Bummer for me, i didnt know there were options out there for SKF. I must say, he informed me of a couple trades. Winners.

My CHDX sell stop went off. kind of a bummer. but it was a successful disciplined trade.

DELL stinks. I knew that much, but as for the stock. Too unpredictable. I so wanted to buy puts the other day...

My meager option put in AAPL garnered 86%. But i didnt sell it. Letʻs just say weʻre in for some punishing news next week. The following week however will have the FED written all over it.

puts in play: DHI, IWM, AAPL, AEO, WYNN, FXI, BDK, WFC, JPM.... Too many... i am looking to cut my loses next week.

if thereʻs one thing i am looking at is USO movements. Iʻve completely forgotten about it. Thereʻs a construction/housing related ETF out there. anyone know itʻs ticker?


Gio said...

Hey stuck. I like dhi and aeo's double top. I think aeo has a long way down. I'd join u there, but I'm busy battling ANF. AnF is supposed to fall with GooG, and APPL... Same people buy those 3 stocks.

Wynn is getting below 100, just as planned. That stock should b in the 60s.

I'm not convinced of AppL's product cycle. They got good products, but until GooG finds a floor, AppL won't either.

Inverse etfs are great to trade at the moment. All I've been doing is buyin when market is up triple, and selling when market is down triple. U should juxtapose SKF and FxP and maybe SrS with the Dow... Its amazing stuff!

Gio said...

Yo.. CHDX is approaching a buy point. Set stop to 34. Also, it's approaching a short-sell point.... stock falls below 30, then short on bounce back to 34.