Thursday, February 21, 2008

RIMM... If it aint broken...

Well, looks like their model is indeed working. Apple could take a lesson in maximizing subscription numbers by allowing multiple carriers instead of exclusive ones. I hated that deal from the beginning, being that the iPhone is on a different carrier.

But as all things go. Itʻs a bear market. unless this stock finds a base @120. i am not buying. but itʻs definitely encouraging for the consumer market... as this is where all the new subscribers are coming from. And the kicker is, if the touchscreen Blackberry is in the works, then you have something huge in a real media phone to battle iPhone. But for now, they are in no rush. They are competing primarily with PALM, MOT, Windows based Phones.

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Gio said...

Yeah, RIMM guidance was a surprise attack on the bears... i went from green to red on that one!

I sold my FXP today... it seems like a good buy when the market is quiet, then sell when the market drops big.

Anyway, LULU is finally back under 30, which means my puts are on fire! I'm excited about LULU because I have such a low target price.