Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CHDX... GRMN... and stuff

Last week i bought a measly position in CHDX. it seems to have formed a new base while i was away.

GRMN. Bot a couple of puts at the 50 strike. If they miss Q, then they go down, if they miss guidance itʻs a toss-up. Regardless i am getting out tomorrow.

HPQ. I think they will meet Q, but miss guidance, but it seems that panic doesnt seem to follow Tech these days.

Whole Foods is an interesting play. Organic/Non-processed foods are ironically more expensive. Thatʻs not good for Whole Foods or the general public. Alas, i am too weak to touch this. But tomorrows blog might show my disappointed if i miss.

NTRI. so do we have enough Fat people to give them business? Yes. However, the competition is all over the place. So, me no touchy.

I am going to look at IWM as the pure trade. itʻs going sideways, why not straddle and make some coin both ways. weʻll see.

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Gio said...

Hey, u bak.

I decided to sit out GrMn since it sits at a 5 year trendline. Eventually that line will break... Maybe tomorrow?

I bought some crazy fxp. Its so beat up again. Ill add in the 70s. Also keep an eye on shippers and solars... A rising viX will wipe these out.

...Sideways markets are tough to play index options bcuz of time decay. Both calls and puts will decline. A stranggle won't work good, unless u do a timed stranggle. -gio