Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Again... Itʻs Timing... Especially Oil

Watching USO go up this week, as opposed to last week, was not surprising... I threw it out there. At this point, there are no "cheap" options, but the likelihood of it going up from here is a done deal... History says summer, oil up, enough said.

One stock that has been even more resistant to weakness is also oil related OIH.

The vix is showing signs of spiking... the Bears are out there ready to bank major coin on the underlying poor fundamentals of the economy. Unemployment, oil gong up, food prices remaining pricey, leads to retail numbers suffering. nevermind the inflation hanging over us...

Anyway, i may buy straight up USO securities. and maybe OIH calls.

USO >110 could be this week
V > 90 maybe next earnings, people will actually use credit cards more, flipping their debt from one company to another.
AAPL > 200 sorry, likely next year

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