Wednesday, May 21, 2008

USO buy window closed... for now

ARGH!!! A few days ago i was looking to buy USO. The signal was it dipping below 100. Now USO calls are just running away from my buy point.

Speaking of which OIH actually went down today versus its recent trend of moving WITH oil.

V < 80 may be a sell.... or inversely for those who missed the boat. it may be a buy.

My reservations on AAPL has been right on based on the chart. It may very well be an buy if it holds at these levels prior to its Developer Conference. Otherwise when you look at the technicals, it has a long way to reach the 150 level

I have literally 2 puts.
JPM June 22.5 (old play), yet i feel it may come alive again. it has a head and shoulders and could collapse if it breaks below 40
FXI Jan50put 2009. This put got whacked as from mid-march it rallied from 125 to 160. I did expect it to some degree, but also expect (or hope) after the Olympics this thing will fall like a rock. China is facing incredible inflation and other pressures to its economy.

My main watchlist:
USO < 105 buy. Actually it may be a buy right here... thats what the chart is saying, but wait for it to go sideways a bit.
V < 80 sell
AAPL < 150 buy

If any readers out there see another security with a definite direction taking place... leave a msg.

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