Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well, i dont think oil has reached a ceiling. But my timing was horrible with oil going down and time decay regarding my CALL, but thats the risk of expiration week. There was weakness seen... but as i previously mentioned. it was more like insurance for me... i will look for USO to get <90 before re-entering. in fact, i wouldnt be surprised to see it spike again next week. we will see.

I know a few who have shorts in USO (namely Tim). so congrats to all of u... the affects of oil down also caused
FSLR to go negative was definitely due anyway. also the fact that FSLR had consecutive bullish days with the market staying neutral during the same time period

As for V. it has definitely found itself stagnant or signs of consolidation, setting up a solid base to build on. It has bumped into 90 but has failed on to break through. However, when it does... it may be a good time to buy some Calls. Patience is in order.

The same can be said for AAPL. 202.96, we will just say 203 is where you would enter.

Gio mentioned UA 60 by next year... very possible. They have been gaining market share and well, they have been marketing... they have shoes i might add. Very good margins if they gain popularity beyond the pro athlete. Its the staple for NKE... Shoes that cost $10 to make $5 to ship/package, then marked up $60-150. nice. they are winning minds in football and somewhat in track. But B-ball is where the luxury priced shoe sells, and as yet they have no marquee name there (yet).

the finance sector looks like weak... i have one old put in JPM. thats about it. its in the red, but i have a feeling i will be able to cut losses next month

Alright... another boring day for me... but being watchful will hopefully help me not miss opportunities that come in the form of VMW & SNCR puts. Both were no brainers but i failed to keep the dates in mind.

V >90,
AAPL >203(calls) and timed puts a day or 2 after their developer conference where iPhone 2.0 is expected to be released.
USO <90.

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