Monday, May 12, 2008

Another RIMM passed me by

My buddy brian called me last night to ask me about RIMM with the release of the Blacberry 9000 today. He bought May135calls and banked some nice change today. i dunno if he held it for the whole trading day, but it kept itʻs moment throughout with a slight tapering off itʻs highs.

Itʻs definitely a nice phone. being that i use a Pearl, i may very well end up with the 9000. btw, RIMM renamed this thing the Blackberry Bold 9000. Bold? Anyway, itʻs a 3G phone, higher rez, zoom camera, more multimedia friendly, GPS and 1 GB of memory on board. And they started a fund to get software dudes to build more apps for them.

Their announcement was necessary too, being that AAPL will soon release iPhone 2.0. They will formally have 3G, enterprise level email/networking (like blackberrys), SDK finalized to allow apps anywhere from biz to games. I dont think they will have built in GPS yet tho. I dont think AAPL will say much more than they did back in March. I think where they can surprise everyone is the price.

RIMM had a good day today. I did tell brian RIMM could go either way. In the end i think iPhone will surpass Blackberrys outside the U.S. That dumb deal with AT&T is actually hampering AAPL. The 9000 will not be out til the summer... Hmm just about the time iPhone 2.0/3G will be widely available.

I will touch AAPL only if it crosses 200. I have my V (negative today). And have added USO May105call@.30 on itʻs pull back. it may have reached a temporary ceiling or may be setting up for a small bounce.

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