Thursday, May 1, 2008

Patience Over Greed...

Its too early to say based on my last post, "Well, That didn't work...", MAYBE, it did work... I dont know at this point. I am just trying to stay disciplined. Cover my bases.

So, whats going on...
V is still trending up. My May100call may be in reach, but i have some cheap puts if disaster happens

OIH May put may take time to find a solid green sans commissions. Nonetheless, big bull run and strengthening of the dollar would be bad for oil... and OIH which continually bumps into resistance. I will not call a top. Whoever does that usually pays

FSLR got pounded today...Ags are just slightly down. I am happy i no longer am involved in either. The $ may be switching to other sectors. But i still believe oil will be up further in the summer. History doesnt lie. In fact, i may buy some USO if it crashed to the 70s.

Anyway, AAPL (my other favorite outside of V) is killing as it did last time this year. I have no doubt it will be worth getting back in when the charts show it building a base past 200. Let the chart decide. The 3G iPhone and new apps due out in June AND the possible selling price in the $200's may gain blackberry switchers(i dont remember anyone else coining the term, but its basically like windows switchers)

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