Monday, August 4, 2008

Aug 5 After-Market Earnings...

Aug 5 After-Market

-AFN: real estate investment trust
-ACAS: investment firm, acquires businesses early stage...
-AMKR: semiconductor related
-ARNA: pharmaceutical
-CELL: provides wireless devices, logistic services to carriers
-CBL: real estate, manages, buys, operates: malls & communities in the southeast/midwest
-CSCO: Big Tech Dog...
-CSC: IT for big biz & govt
-XCO: oil/nat gas
-EXEL: biotech (primarily for cancer)
*FCH: REIT, BUT owns various hotel pieces, Hilton, Doubletree, Holiday Inn, Sheraton/Westin... has this bottomed? possible puts, keep stops tight
-FIS: transaction services for financial institutions & retailers worldwide
-FST: oil/nat gas
-GSS: mines for GOLD...
-HRS: communications & IT for govt & commercial worldwide
-HCC: insurance
-HCN: invests in health care properties
-HLF: herbalife
-HLTH: heath info services
-IO: think software related to energy, otherwise too broad...
-JBX: Jack In The Box!!!
*KCP: low volume, but hey its Kenneth Cole, puts please
-LPS: tech services for REAL ESTATE....
-LBTYA: video/voice/broadband Europe, Japan, Chile
-MRX: pharmaceutical
-MTU: Japanese financial svc to retail & coorp worldwide
-MOLX: electronic components sold worldwide
-NFP: finance for high net worth individuals & companies
-OKE: newly listed sells/distributes nat gas
-PZZA: low volume, but its PAPA JOHNS pizza
-QSFT: enterprise software
-SHO: another HOTEL
*SNCR: maybe now they will find traction on iPhone, strangle?
-UPL: yet another oil/nat gas
-VTR: health care real estate trust
-WFMI: whole foods... dunno bout guidance

*points of interest for me...
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