Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remember My SFLY & SBUX picks - Better Than MOT/EXPE

At July 30 after-market

I had 2 good picks...
SFLY dropped after hours
SBUX didnt drop but did 2 days later

but what did i choose INSTEAD
I choose MOT/EXPE for July 31 pre-market...
I still have a little Mojo on my picks, but again the execution stunk.

There is no looking back now, but this goes to illustrate no ʻputʻting everything in one basket. A major principle that i broke. At the very least had i spread out the risk with 3 picks i calculated that i would have been in the green... instead of MOT/EXPE whacking be >50% loss to my entire portfolio... crazy...

I kept a few MOT Oct6puts since they have some time to make a comeback. Otherwise I have, DUG calls, YHOO calls/puts, RHT puts and VISN stock.

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Gio said...

Yea. SFLY was one of my mo-stocks few months ago. Make sure u post more earnings plays on my iBC tab.