Monday, August 4, 2008

August 5 (Tuesday) Pre-Market

Hopefully you have time to position ur plays today...
Aug 5 Pre-Market plays

-AMCS: energy technology company
-ADM: Ags
-AGIX: pharmaceutical, LOTS of buying today on diabetes drug
-ITU: Brazillian bank, but also international
-BBG: oil/gas
-BMRN: pharmaceutical
-EAT: Restaurant owner: Chiliʻs, Macaroni Grill, etc...
-CSE: Finance provider to biz, healthcare, specialties
-CHTR: hi speed internet/telephone/video services
-XEC: oil/gas exploration & production
-FTR: provides telephone, internet, dish services
*DHI: home builder... what is there to build?
-DNR: oil/nat gas
-DUK: sells gas/electricity to Carolinas, OH, IN, KY.
-EMR: global tech co., designs/supply product & engineering
-EXPD: logistic services, air & ocean freight
-GSX: nat gas/petroleum
*GET: hotel... newly listed NYSE, bad timing
-GLBL: construction/support services for oil/gas
-HNT: managed health care services
-ICON: owns, license, markets: Joe Boxer, OP, basically sells name brand clothes to retail
-JRCC: Coal!!!
-LEAP: digital wireless svc.
-MVL: comic book movies... Xmen, Hulk, Iron Man
-MVIS: low volume, but interesting
*MGM: casino... more hurt awaits?
-TAP: Molson Beer
-ONXX: Pharamceutical
-PKD: oil/gas drilling
-PGH: canadian energy... nice dividend
-PG: blue chip
-PXD: oil/gas
-RRI: sells electricity/energy to Texas & NY
-RDC: offshore drilling
-BID: Sotheby, auctioneer for expensive stuff
-THC: Healthcare
-JOE: real estate
-TDG: aircraft components
-UNT: drilling, oil/nat gas
-VANDA: pharaceutical
-VNO: realty trust
-WEN: Wendys restaurants
-WY: growing/harvesting timber... housing related
-WWE: wrestling...

* i view as lower risk... put/short bias
All these securities have volumes 500K and up. The exceptions are ones that were at one time 1 M volume but have fallen out of favor, but worth watching

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