Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 7 Pre-Market & After-Market Earnings

based on todays (Aug 6) earnings reaction and in turn options action, i didnt really find anything compelling for Aug 7. there are a few big names of course, but none struck me as a stock that could move a huge number of buyers and sellers.

alas here is my belated list:
Aug 7 pre-market
-DT: huge telecom, but mostly foreign
-IMAX: yup movies... nah, i just wait for the DVDs
-PCS: basically like a regional sprint. nice volume tho
-SIRI: this is so cheap and battered, anyone interested? cares?
-DTV(time not supplied): cheap strangle... but would it move strong either way?
-TM (2 am EST): i think they already said they wouldnt make the Q, priced in?
-VMED (3 am EST): another cheap strangle on a huge media conglomerate.

Aug 7 after-market
*HTZ: rental car market tough, definite put play
*KNOT: i get their spam all the time, and nothing they sell interests me... put please
-TRMP: big name Mr. Trump. Yet LVS, WYNN, MGM got more mojo. also, all the puts are already in the money
-WMG: losing $(music is often burned illegally), yet not much expected from them. strangle possibility

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