Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No posts for now...

My portfolio is a mess... In any case, i will post in the near future regarding Quarterly earnings... this alone has opened my eyes to how coorporations really control a whole bunch of dough and influence billions of $ worldwide.

there are a number of underlying things that will get attention again once the Olympics are done.

for now the U.S. Economy stinks... the finacial system is messed up. The FED dug their own grave. Oil going down has been a good thing for us, but it wont solve long standing problems when Greenspan made an easy way out to stimulate the economy.

of course, i at that time benefitted. altho not as much as i could have as i was not as familiar with options... i can only imagine how much coin i would have banked with my AAPL stocks had they been options instead from 2003 to 2006, i did buy them back in 1997. alas, just one of many misses at possibly considering a retirement. its a tough time to be in the market, but one that has been of the utmost instructive.

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