Tuesday, March 18, 2008


FOR YEARS UPON YEARS... AAPL pundits - namely Windoze backers have cried out... "Apple is a niche company with a small market share...." Well the have you seen itʻs retail market share lately? So this doesnʻt count Appleʻs online sales or DELL & HPQ.

But itʻs stunning to say the least...
14% market share in February or 60% increase while the rest of the market period growth was 9%
$1 of every $4 spent on PCʻs in Feb was on an Apple... thatʻs a 67% increase YOY (Year over year) vs. 5% for the rest of the industry.

So, while Wall St looks at iPhones (which are really Macs themselves), the Mac universe grows against a terrible economy.

Anyway, todays expected rally added another $6 to AAPL to 132. I remember looking at those cheap calls when APPL was at $119 just over a week ago... But thatʻs my name "Stuck"trader... sickening...

Well, today has been educational... the rate cuts fire up the buying, if only a day... so hedge them puts with a few calls that move.

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