Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting Rid of Some Guesswork

Bought a few shares of V. All based on the premise that MA is in the 200ʻs... and yet V opens in the 50ʻs. Pretty dumb not to get any shares even in a bear market. The V people were smart to move their IPO to this day with the increased likelihood of buyers around the time the FED cuts.

Anyway, still have some puts just sitting there. Worth just a few hundred... Not much to talk about there.

Bunch of earnings report that i failed to even look at.. ADBE, MS, etc. all moving up. But i dont think ADBE is as powerful as it used to be with a few cheaper versions that pretty much do what Photoshop does. MS is well...just another financial company, speaking of which - GS is so much better than the other financial institutions, they keep beating expectations.

Sony Ericsson warns of falling phone sales... yawn... i didnt even bother reading the article. Suffice it to say RIMM & AAPL will battle it out while the rest of the phone world plays catch-up

Well, V can just sit there... and now my portfolio is basically just that... V

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Anonymous said...

Hey I finally made a trade after a long time sitting on the bench. Just got in V too. Go baby, Go! I have not seen u in a while. Sorry, stupid post, but been watching your blog...I'm very impressed. Will