Monday, March 3, 2008


All winners if you played both the bull & bear. Anyone of us could have been millionaires just trading one of these. itʻs a matter of timing and gut, while getting emotion/panic out of the way.

AMZN. i was too impatient in placing my last put. i will wait for the FED to prop them up a bit. it may be too late for me to get back in. the last earnings it shot up to 80s.

AAPL. made money both up and down. no complaints except my stubborness on MacWorld calls

GOOG. never attempted a put. too expensive... but used to make some $$$ when it nearly touched my 750call... well, i missed switching to puts and there you have it...

RIMM. they always seem to beat earnings & guidance. i sat out the last Q, even tho my gut said stick with them. another lost opportunity.

I am currently looking for anything at new highs... including inverse ETFs. the fringes swing quickly.


Gio said...

I still got GOOG puts. Yay! As long as people keep trying to call the bottom on GOOG, it goes down.

I covered AMZN yesterday.

Right now i'm having a fun time shorting the shippers.

Did you see those inverse ETFs move today? I should be shorting them. FXP up 9%!

Gio said...

AEO!!! You're welcome... ;-)

... I covered ANF too early. Hehe.