Thursday, March 13, 2008

Somethinʻs Up.

Well the market bounced off the bottom at the type of this blog. And as usual i failed to wake up or set my sell in the morning. BUT i do think we have somethinʻ up (rather down) in the near future... namely after the FED talks again. They are basically showing their hand. Interest rates have nowhere to go once we reach zero.

and this thing with the homebuilders going up... unbelievable...

Iʻve already lost more $ this month because my DHI, IWM puts not selling out accordingly to plan. Undisciplined... sigh... Otherwise i happily sit in cash (whatʻs left of it).

1 comment:

Gio said...

Get out the market!!! OH wait, you just did.

... I got out too. Man, my indicators are going haywire. Its too bad a lot of people never took a statistics or probability class, because if they did, they would have gotten out the market by now. For now, I will sit this out and watch people make calls on the market, then change it the next minute, then change it back, then... etc. LoL!