Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ahead...The Fed...

I woke up again...to find what was possibly a missed opportunity. 17% gain on AAPL Dec175calls... And getting out of BIDU Nov470calls with a 9% loss(very acceptable). But alas i slept through it and caught the tail end. If i were a genius, i could have sold those positions - and bot cheaper calls, moving a strike out while decreasing invested risk.

The fact is, whatever the FED wants to do, i think AAPL will go up with holiday buying here... it was the only stock i could confidently position prior to the FED because of the customer base it serves (fanatics, people who donʻt mind buying "cool", or just filthy rich people).

But i do welcome the cut...i will buy calls in:
-AAPL(more), GOOG, VMW, RIMM, STP(china/metal), BIDU.

2:15pm (10am HST) is when the craziness begins. I canʻt wait til daylight savings starts next week. hopefully, we also trade into the most bullish time of the year! (Nov, Dec, Jan). So, thereʻs no rush here i was willing to wait til Friday for things to pan out.

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