Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well I sold a bunch of stuff...namely AAPL... the buyers came back. i almost bit when it dipped below 180. but my experience with VMW last week got me to play safe. And when one plays safe, the return is small to moderate. Maybe it would have been better had i not even woke up to watch. Though selling RIMM was a definite good thing.

Happy VMW blew threw earnings. Regarding whether itʻs enough to pull my nov130 out of the hole is another story. Then again, if it could just catch fire as did AAPL then there you have it.
-sidenote EMC reports before the opening bell. iʻm unsure how negative news would affect VMW if any.

BIDU is something i may add as my spec. the calls are expensive... the cheap stuff is so far out...but the rewards are great. and bad news w/housing and oil could provide a further dip to get in.

GOOG has always been on my wish list. Dec800calls (sounds crazy!) but thatʻs a reasonable spec play.

anyway, the plan is to wait it out till about 930am EST regarding VMW before the homes/oil news are out, jobless claims are declared before the market opens. If there is bad news from there, i hope to get in on BIDU.

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