Monday, October 15, 2007


I wake up and BAM! my option board bleed red... OIL spikes.

idea! late as it is
*hedge my tech w/oil (china: PTR, SNP), (U.S.: USO, X, CVX, COP)
you from here on out i will be watching OIL futures.

missed opportunity: BRCM (see earlier post)
-3G chip for i added these guys...

shouldʻv "put" Citigroup. They deserves it of course.

the only good news is that i kept myself from a tech only portfolio. disaster is what it would have been the last 3 trading days...

i will say that TECH will make a comeback IF... INTC, YHOO and the rest report $$$.

VMW: i risked way too much on these guys...
RIMM: wondering if the momentums over til next Q
AAPL: blow out is what weʻre hoping. Analyst are keeping this stock from falling as the rest.
BRCM: meager Nov45call@.80 it may be a bargain. but iʻm keeping myself in check.

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