Monday, October 22, 2007


I may have over-risked(if thereʻs such a word) in going all in on calls in Nov versus spreading it to Dec and Jan. Part of it of course has to do with Scottrade being straight up stock.

Going forward i have to go with the gut...which doesnʻt feel very good. But unlike my trek in VMW, i have found AAPL a little more predictable. However:

"Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial are looking for Apple will earn $0.86 per share on $6.07 billion in revenue for the quarter, compared to a profit of $0.62 per share on $4.84 billion in revenue in the year ago quarter."

Apple pegged this Q to be $.65/share. now talk about expectations. the miracle number would be $1. but disaster would be anything less than $.86.

I really hope my insurance doesnʻt have to come into play til the end of the week, if at all i hope it zeros out.

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