Monday, November 12, 2007


The Bears continue to stand... As expected, 15 min into the trading day stocks rally... only to be shot down. I caught the tail end. And got a few puts in...for once not for protection, but for profit.

GOOG: Nov610puts@2.5 and it triggerred wayyyy too early @3.5 and proceeded to gett to 7.5, it was a profit but too low of an exit. it may rally tomorrw. Anyway, 610 is about itʻs 50dayEMA. bummer missed 300+profit right there.
STP: Dec45puts@1.6
FSLR: Dec135puts@4.1

i kept my positions small, in case Big Ben comes to the rescue. iʻm risk managing @ this point after my debacle on going bullish on solar, the day before they tanked. iʻd be sitting 100% profit on my total portfolio had i bot puts instead.

AAPL, RIMM, BIDU all got to their 50d-EMA. So, weʻll see if thereʻs a rally coming by weeks end.

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Gio said...

Hey StuckT.

I'm in Philippines now. How many puts did you buy? Usually I buy in two different strikes and take profits in one and ride the others.

STP @ 45 looks profitable. FSLR 135!! That's tough.

Check out YGE. I have puts in them. And yes, I bet against JASO too. See.. I never fall in love with a stock. Sell on the news written all over it. We could get a bounce soon though, so look out!

Tech getting machine gunned. I'm waiting for the dollar to rebound... then we can short aggressive. I'll keep yah posted.