Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Da Bearsz"

This market is schizo... i'm one who has placed limited risk on the table. i'm only in puts at this point. Tim's site has a plethora of charts to back his argument. The bull will have his day... it may even happen at days end for the "historical" annual rally.


Sticking with the plan...
-STP Dec55put: will hold for now...well unless it swings.
-FRE Jan20put: will keep moving sell parameters daily. it's freefalling
-FSLR Jan125put: got no choice but to let it ride at this point

Eyeing puts in IWM, FXI, on any strength
Checking out calls USO, FXY

Da Bearsz...

Lastly, VMW shorts & put buyers will be rewarded greatly...


Gio said...

hi stuk...

i stuck in a rice field. See my post on fslr? its dangerous to short. any rally, and this one launches. I have no calls yet, but waiting for a correction.

did u see my comments on airline stocks? Despite today's blood on the street, CAL and UAUA are healthy green!

Also check out TNH... it will FALL THROUGH $100 .... 99% chance there. hard to buy short shares. so, instead, try TBSI. I also have puts in DRYS... working well. yes, do buy puts in IWM. this one will make you money if the market plunges back to the 12,500 level... RUSSELL always leads us up and down fastest. i think its tim's favorite index PUT. i have puts there too.

DON'T COVER YOUR SHORTS! we will get bounces, so just hold tight. You can start covering will oil gets to 105-110, which is stupid. but i'm getting aggressive when dollar rebounds = global selloff.


Gio said...

Oh yea, my "5-trades worth money' is 5 for 5 so far! Hope it continues this way.

Gio said...

Oh yea, my "5-trades worth money' is 5 for 5 so far! Hope it continues this way.