Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, itʻs amazing my portfolio held its ground. Though tomorrow may be another story.
The FED pumps $41B into the market. not sure what itʻll do for the market

VMW: i worry about views that itʻs overvalued. i think iʻll wait for another pop then sell
AAPL: solid. no green...but just plain solid. The released MacBooks.
GOOG: made one time 25%...closing 16%... honestly itʻs still got mojo
BIDU: still heading north. no doubt
RIMM: lost ground, but solid aftermarket buying.

new: STP: i purposely shot a low bid and got it. this will be my China/Energy hedge

missed a few trades today. Gas/Oil companies weirdly enough never do well short-term when oil goes up. Alternative energies are the way to hedge the downturn.

Iʻm setting triggers to see if there will be an initial pop (however unlikely it may seem).

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