Tuesday, November 6, 2007


With the exception of my not having $ to get into BIDU. It actually dipped below 400! If that isnʻt a buy signal i donʻt know what isnʻt.

Anyway, i slept in from night shift and woke up to green signs...
GOOG: Up 16... nears my Dec750call
AAPL: Up 5.6.. blasts through my Dec185&190calls
RIMM: Up 3..... Jan150calls may strike in December.

Financials have a minor recovery. But Solars are on fire! (pun intended)
namely FSLR up 20! up 13% on a billion dollar deal... and they report tomorrow. their CEO actually cares about their stockholders
the rest follow up: JASO, CSUN, STP (should i have kept this one?)...

Not much to complain here...
just not enough $ to go around...
So slimmed my picks to what i know...

Having learned from VMW (which may near a buy),
I will not touch my 3 Muskateers...(GOOG/AAPL/RIMM)
I will let them trend up and wait out the blips.
If i can actually learn from my previous mistakes,
then this last run was worth it.

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