Thursday, November 8, 2007

Booked profits...Managed Losses

GOOG: sell triggered Dec750@27.8...97% profit (shoulda took that 135%)
RIMM: sold Jan 150@9... tried to wait for a higher bid... 45% gain tho (had it @ 80%...)
AAPL: sold Dec190@7.7 (maybe shouldnʻt have?). 20% loss...

so, in short i went away from Tech and bot:
STP: why did i sell them last friday!!!??? Jan75@8.3
JASO: Dec70@9.3(high risk/reward)

AAPL: Dec185calls (my original play) iPhone news awaits in Europe

iʻm currently looking to for AAPL calls way into the future!!! Read one analyst who thinks itʻs going to 600 in 18 months!!! Short-term the market absolutely stinks. and i wanted to get back into Solars. I have $$$ on the side, waiting for the bulls to come back... if not Jan 15 MacWorld suits me fine...

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