Friday, November 2, 2007

Cut Out Losers

Well my plan to hold these guys as long as i could didnʻt quite work...

VMW: tanked as much as i feared. iʻm unsure of why i bot them in the first place, just to diversify. it will go up long-term, but a hiccup was in the making. i will buy these guys when the technicals look better.

BIDU: my lone option i bot some time ago finally rang green. i took my 25% being a november contract. maybe i should have cleared the deck and bot a boat load. but alas itʻs an expensive play. SOHU & SINA are cheaper, but BIDU rules.

STP: i add to AAPL. i donʻt need a flyer, just consistency.

AAPL: i strengthened here buying Dec185calls on a flat day. itʻs only a matter of time when news will send this stock higher (or lower).

RIMM: itʻs my darkhorse. it really doesnʻt have much news. just a bunch of bull-buyers. i may sell these guys and profits from AAPL to get a piece of BIDU calls.

So the balance sheet?
-BIDU (stock)
-STP (stock)

it may be out of my reach. but i want to get my portfolio up 50% from here...lofty goals yes...

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