Tuesday, November 13, 2007


the moment i pick up puts (FSLR, STP), the market reverses. How's that for losing to the House. I must say tho, i totally saw the oil prices reversing... it's just that i didn't get any position on the call end... too spooked considering the aftermarket yesterday bleeding deeper.

WMT saved the day...Besides oil lowering... There's also merger news among the Domestic air carriers.

Everything is up... especially those that touched 50d EMA
AAPL, RIMM, VMW, BIDU... all trading pre-market in green...
Those familiar with the FLY will call him a genius today...

I'm more confused than ever. i'm neither bullish or bearish, just a pawn that's been used and abused...again...

Eco news this week a.k.a. find a dip..
11/13: Pending Home Sales
11/14: (830a)Retail sales & PPI; (1030)Crude Inventories
11/15: (830a)CPI & Jobless claims

One must work quickly in this market. And i'm stuck at work... the only place where i haven't lost money (yet).

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