Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FAZ put stopped out

Well, the good news is my FAZ put stopped out... the bad news... my FAZ put stopped out. 66% gain is ok... but not when i had 200% (granted before i woke up)... Lesson learned. a far out option will bank huge coin on initial gaps, but even if it dips past the gap, it is unlikely that one will find a better return. i.e. set that stupid sell stop at both ends.

FAS is still barely up over 4.

Anyway, i think tomorrow we see some definite weakness, but the trend is still up. I think a big Friday awaits. And I dont dare hold over the weekend.

My hope is that FAZ gets <50 again... it bounced off of it today (51ish actually). I will get in eventually. I have no reason to rush

50% of my kid account is to cash... remember to respect the market AND pay off your debts.

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