Monday, March 23, 2009

What goes up...must come down... eventually

Well, the futures pre-market were blazing. if anything it would have been nice to entered some FAS pre-market. But alas, i was busy with my congested sinuses this past week and needed to really sleep in.

My TAN is up 10%. but my FAS July 4 put took a whack.

I am still mostly to cash. I learned a long time ago to be wary about holding things into the weekend or making any entry on Friday. You just never know what the FED/Prez will say.

But i must say that i am totally happy that the market was up. I am spying LONG calls on the ETF shorts. But i am in no rush to get in... anyway, nothing else more to say...

TAN stock
FAS puts
NOC puts (this prez doesnt mind the Defense sector)
VISN stock

yawn... i know, such a boring portfolio.

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