Monday, March 9, 2009


So, we have the market down... AND FAZ down. I like the latter for obvious reasons. But things just keep getting more difficult to read.

You would think that Tuesday will bring a rally, but really who knows.

I actually did expect the market to head down today (Monday), to shake out any more indecisive traders. But i also thought the Bulls would make a better show.

My puts on FAZ has a small profit. Nothing to cheer about, hope we get a massive Rally so as to re-enter FAZ or another Bear ETF.

One more thing, Lakers obviously NEED Bynum, he still seems lost sometimes, but he has an edge on him...Ever since i saw him almost take out James, I thought that the toughness (if thats a word) And Odom looks like he will be gone at the end of the season, depending on whether he contributes in the Finals.

Spurs look really good as long as Parker and Duncan are healthy. I think they have this year and next...and that is it for this group.

Cavs lack inside presence.

Boston will be back in the Finals if KG is back no doubt. Maurberry should get his legs back, but he will have to learn to play D first...

Orlando, i dont think they are ready for the pressure. If they still had Jameer, I would put them ahead of the Cavs

So, the question is LA or Spurs vs. Boston... and maybe Cavs

My hyper-extended shoulder is killing me... It is a good thing that I have sick benefits. Injuries are lame... I have to get in better shape before I turn 40.

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