Monday, March 30, 2009

FAZ re-entry... considerations... another co-worker

Well, i got back in FAZ... it it too early, i dont know, i do know i missed the <20 entry that one of my co-workers got in... Anyway got in at $24.

I am following the FLY/TIM as they have served a great gauges.
Tim is cautious at this point, spotting a few shorts while picking longs bouncing off lows whereas
FLY now has re-entered the market this past thursday/friday after being in cash for some time.

Apparently there are a bunch of them investing now. This one dude bought 1K blocks of FAZ & SRS. Hmm is he looking at the Fly? Anyway, that is a lot for him to jump plunk down like that. I learned he was a victim of the dot com bubble. And his jumping in like this shows he has a lot of guts. I hope he has an exit plan.

The other co-worker is has a more diverse portfolio, and he is still hanging on to some FAS. I don't think that is actually a good idea, though i appreciate his willingness to balance. I would rather go with alternative energy than financial on a long. Or even better go GLD/gold.

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